Very useful spy gadgets and their characteristics

Spying is not a new concept at all. However, spying is lifted to a whole new level with the advancements of the technology. In other words, a large number of gadgets are introduced to the world of spying and therefore, becoming a spy has become very easy for an ordinary individual. If you wish to engage in some exciting spying work and collect evidence or get someone caught red-handed, here are some useful spy gadgets you should have.


  1. 1080p Mini Camera with night vision

One of the most obvious things you should have in your toolkit as a spy is a mini camera that has night vision functionality. Since you are trying to spy, it is needless to mention that the camera should be very small in size (barely visible to the other parties). However, the camera quality must be acceptable (at least 5 megapixels) and it must have video recording ability. Also, it should support Android and iOS devices so you can synchronize the camera with your mobile device. Here’s a good example of such a mini camera.


  1. A voice recorder

In certain cases, you might only need to record someone’s or some situation’s voice without being noticed to others. In this case, you must have an excellent voice recorder that resembles the appearance of a commonly used item. This is exactly when you can go for a pen-shaped voice recorder. After all, the pen can be one of the most unnoticed objects you can have in your hand or pocket without dragging much attention. No matter whether you are in a meeting, discussion, workshop or anywhere else, the pen can fit into the situation perfectly.


  1. A hidden mini camera with HD video and voice recording

If you don’t want to use a pen-like camera, you can simply use a hidden mini camera in that place. Usually, these hidden mini-cameras come with better performance; for instance, 5-megapixel camera, 1520 X 760 video with 30fps and more importantly, a super useful 720-degree camera. They also come with various filming options. Once paired with a mobile device (Android or iOS), you can expect excellent efficiency from these devices. It can usually be worn in your suit so no one will notice it.


  1. Bluetooth smartwatch with a camera

When you wear a sports watch, no one will believe it as a spy camera. So, if you have a Bluetooth smartwatch with a camera, you can use it to record both videos and audios around you without being noticed. If you visit a website like, you can have a great idea about the features of such spy watch. These spy watches come with timeless, versatile design so you can wear it without any discomfort.


  1. LED bulb spy camera

If you want to have a spy camera in a room, hall or a hallway for prolonged periods, the LED bulb spy camera will be the most suitable option. This spy camera resembles the conventional LED bulb which you see in every household. It provides the illumination without any hassle while recording the surrounding and sending the footages to you over Wi-Fi connection. It also gives 2-way audio.


Well, there are several other spy gadgets you can consider purchasing. To have a look, you can visit an online store like